The Offer


With our mineral resources it is inevitable that Western Australia will boom again so now is the time to be wise and buy at distressed prices. A few years back before the mains water and road were in place Lot 9001 Mount Kirribillie sold at $

We are offering Super Lots 1-5 that have a total area of 242.6 ha 559 acres as a parcel at the figure of AU $3.985.000 + GST. If you are registered or can register for GST prior to purchase then the GST is refundable.

The Super Lots are presently part of Lot 9001 Forrest Street and River Rd Boddington and titles are expected to issue for them in August / September 2016.

The attached Deposited Plan No. 409339 that will lead to the creation of the lots was registered at Landgate on 31/08/2016. Please note that since the attached plan showing 6 Super Lots marked 1-6 was printed the description of the six lots has changed to Lots 301-306 as shown on the deposited plan.

The enclosed Modified Structure Plan for lot 9001 was endorsed by WAPC in December last year. On the tables below they show a lot yield of 604 lots from Super Lots 1-5 as depicted on the plan.

A contract has been let by us to Boddington Excavations to construct a 7m wide sealed road from the Eastern side of town for 2370m down to River Rd to the West (the new road). If you look at the Structure Plan attached you will see that 88 future lots will enjoy a frontage to this constructed road. River Rd is also sealed in one section for 375m giving a total of 2745m. This road frontage will greatly assist the bottom line in any future subdivision. Any settlements will be subject to us completing these road works that are anticipated to be finished in early November 2016.

The Deposited Plan (DP) attached will mean that new road being a spinal East / West road will become a public road on registration of the DP. Please note the 5 Super Lots could yield more housing accommodation units than 604 as one of the areas on Super Lot 1 being 6060m2 is R20-40 and could yield a further 86 or 151 units or up to a total of 755 housing accommodation units depending on whether that part of the site was developed as one or two bedroom units.

The lots range in size from 600m2 to 26390m2 and please note the total yield on the six lots on the attached plan Mount Kirribillie should read 604 lots as since the plan was printed Super Lot 6 (now known as 306) has been sold.


The view from the plateau across to Boddington.

We are open to any reasonable ideas such as joint venture, trading in income producing property or carrying vendors terms by way of first mortgage with say a 20% deposit and 5% interest over three years.

Any of the five Super Lots stand alone as individual approved development sites. A local firm Boddington Excavations have done a lot of work for us at Mount Kirribilllie over the last year and I must say that they provide a very prompt efficient service at very competitive rates.

There are gravel outcrops all over this site and the Shire is allowing us to use on site gravel to construct the new road.

Recently the State Government announced that the Water Commission was going to reduce the head works charge for lots 10000m2 and over from approximately $20000.00 per lot to only $2000.00 or a 90% reduction on each of those lots. This saving is of great assistance and together with the new road will make things easy.

Our preference is to sell the five Super Lots as a parcel although in the event that does not transpire we will seriously consider reasonable offers on the five Super Lots separately.

Some of the landscape and views from the Super Lots.

Some of the landscape and views from the Super Lots.


SUPER LOT 301 – $650,000 + GST

Please note that enclosed is a separate plan for this Super Lot 301 in its own right. This site immediately adjoins housing in the town and all infrastructure and has an unique diversity of zoning densities ranging from R20/40 to 5000m2 lots providing the opportunity for up to 215 dwelling units. The purchase price means that if the site was fully developed the land cost per dwelling unit would be a very low $2651 each or thereabouts.

With the new road this site will have a frontage of 481m to a constructed road and this will make this land very easy to further subdivide. It is worth noting the R20/40 component faces the new road.

The site will provide stunning views to all future lots and due to the topography etc has a real special feel
about it.

Please note that since the printing of Mount Kirribillie Structure Plan four lots were removed from Super Lot 1 in the NW corner and added to Super Lot 4. The Deposited Plan attached and the yield tables are correct and reflect the late change to the Structure Plan.




SUPER LOT 302 – $699,000 + GST

This development site is approved for residential development and as a Life Style Village and immediately adjoins the houses in the town and all infrastructure.

On completion by us of the new road the site will have a 462m sealed road frontage ready to further
subdivide onto.


SUPER LOT 303 – $700,000 + GST

This site is zoned residential and the Structure Plan shows 106 future lots ranging in size from 601m2- 2000m2.

With 431m facing the new sealed road this lot is very good value. If you get on site you will see some magnificent views from this Super Lot.


SUPER LOT 304 – $1,600,000 + GST

Please note there is a separate plan for this Super Lot attached. Sophisticated buyers with experience in these matters will see at a glance the opportunity this Super Lot offers a buyer in the short, medium and longer term. The sheer size of this lot presents an opportunity to recoup the purchase costs in the short term and enjoy further rewards for years.

This piece of land is exceptional and presents you with an outstanding landscape and many areas of exceptional views and natural beauty. I would be very proud to show you all of this Super Lots outstanding features. My feeling is this site will sell very quickly as it has so much to offer.

On completion of the new road this lot will have a frontage to a sealed road of 2122m including 365m in River Rd.

The proposed 158 lots range in size from 2000m2-18266m2 approximately.

Please note that since the printing of Mount Kirribillie Structure Plan four lots were removed from Super Lot 1 in the NW corner and added to Super Lot 4. The Deposited Plan attached and the yield tables are correct and reflect the late change to the Structure Plan.


SUPER LOT 305 – $770,000 + GST

This site offers a good range of lot sizes being from 601m2-9999m2. A large number of the proposed lots on this site face the new sealed road or the existing gravel road in River Rd and combined there is 2670 metres of road available to Super Lot 5.